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Stunning Glass Balustrades in Putney, Richmond & Fulham | Putney Glass

Our glaziers supply and install beautiful, bespoke glass balustrades suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, in both residential and commercial premises around the Putney, Fulham and Richmond areas. The Putney Glass team takes each individual clients requirements into account, both aesthetic and functional, to ensure the product they receive is one they’re happy with for many years to come.

Glass balustrades can be built out of both laminated and reinforced glass; both types are subject to a number of regulations which our glaziers ensure are adhered to. For example, balustrades in certain locations are obliged to reach a certain height so to prevent potential falls. They’re also required to bear a certain amount of load, ensuring they are safe and won’t give way due to poor build quality or installation. Those installed by Putney Glass are of the highest quality, and we take the health and safety side of things very seriously.

When it comes to the aesthetics, you have a fair few options. You could go for a frameless design, which creates an ultra-modern and minimalist look, while maximising the amount of light that’s received through the glass. Alternatively, you could opt for a framed design, complete with a handrail, which might seem more practical to you or better suit the wider environment.

Balustrades can also fit in between metal posts, creating a segmented system which has its own character and aesthetic appeal. Our clients throughout Putney, Fulham and Richmond should also consider the opacity of the glass; do you want your glass balustrades to be see through, or avert prying eyes? We’ll help you navigate these concerns, with help from first point of contact, through till long after the installation is complete.

Why Choose Putney Glass for Bespoke Glass Balustrades?

As genuinely local glaziers, we care about delivering quality customer service to our Putney, Fulham and Richmond clients, providing an alternative to larger competitors who are more concerned about the volume of trade they receive, rather than the standard it’s delivered at.But don’t think that this means you’ll end up paying more: our prices are highly competitive. We also offer free, no obligation quotes and advice so you never feel pressured into purchasing glass balustrades before you’re 100% ready.

The Putney Glass team has the skillset required to take on any project: from the installation of a single glass balustrade within a residential property, to the installation of multiple, large segments throughout an expansive commercial premises.

So whether you’re a home or business owner in the Putney, Fulham or Richmond areas – if you’re in the market for glass balustrades, call Putney Glass on 0208 870 0380 today!